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    Background Check and Declaration
    Members must not have been adjudged bankrupt or insolvent or compounded with their creditors, nor must they be currently, or have been, subjected to disciplinary procedures by any authority, regulator or any professional body within the past five years.
    1. I have not been adjudged bankrupt or insolvent or compounded with my creditors, and I am not currently, nor have I been subject to disciplinary procedures by my employer, previous players, other regulator or any professional body within the past five years.
    2. I apply to become a member of Chartered International Institute of Security and Crisis Management (CIISCM), and agree to abide by the CIISCM Bylaws,
    Terms and Conditions of Membership, and to uphold its high standards as published in its Professional Code. I understand that any breach of the regulations may give rise to disciplinary procedures and termination of my membership.
    3. I agree to maintain competence through CPD as outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Membership.
    4. I know of no reason why I should not become a member.
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